Smart Card Software & Hardware

We decided to leave to the customers to find best deals for cards and readers. However we have tools to handle generic cards and prepare them for usage with our smart card systems

You are getting SCCS smart card system but want to use own smart cards ?

In order to avoid shipping charges, custom fees and waiting time you may want to get smart cards locally. Possibly at even lower price.
 However be aware that for your and our better protection all SCCS software packages require cards with special assigned security keys and application keys. 
 In order to use your generic cards our 
Smart Card - Key Changer Utility
is required to modify security keys before usage.


SCCS KeyChanger Utility

Easily change security keys of:

NXP NFC - DESFire 2k, 4k or 8k cards.
NXP JAVA - JCOP Java series of cards,

You buy KeyChanger only once and you can change keys in unlimited number of smart cards. However you must buy a number of licenses. See below.

50 Licenses

$ 0.75
per license

100 Licenses

$ 0.70
per license

500 Licences

$ 0.60
per license

1000 Licenses

$ 0.45
per licence

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