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Card Software Development

Smart Card Software Development

What you should know before you looking for a Smart Card Software Development Company ?

Software programmers specializing in smart card applications don't come by cheap and easy!

However, you have some choices!

  • Using Asian development company ( especially Chinese) ..... cheap price
  • Using East European company  ..... moderate price
  • Using European or American company .... high price

Advantage and disadvantages

First of all we will mention that they are all probably a good programmers. But here are some disadvantages from saving money on developing.

When you consider smart card software development in Asia, you should have the following things in mind.
(These facts are from people who contacted us in order to take over projects they started  in ...)

  • Will they really understand your needs?
  • Will they use the latest technology and security measurements?
  • Do they use third party software (codes) which are copyrighted?
  • Will they come with suggestions or improvements or just follow your requirements?
  • Will the software be future orientated (updates and upgrades)?
  • Will they offer good support after your application is finished and for the same price?
  • Here is a big one: are you absolutely sure that delivered software does not have malware providing remote access and/or back doors?

The fact is, if you want a solid and secure smart card software you have to use quality hardware. To program smart card applications you need the SDK package from the hardware manufacturer for the particular hardware you want to use. SDK prices are starting from $500 USD up to $20 000 USD.
So how to program your software for less than a SDK from a quality manufacturer would cost?

At the end of the line "You get what you pay for "


Software Development by SCCS

Before you contact us about smart card application development!


  • We do not take over incomplete projects from someone or modify existing card software.
  • We only use high quality hardware (German, French or American)


What you can expect when you develop your smart card solution?

First of all you have to send us your idea.  It doesn't  have to be a highly technical presentation. You can draw it on a piece of paper to show how your card application should work. Scan it and send it by mail. If you are afraid that we'll copy your idea, please send a NDA contract first !

After receiving your outlined idea you will receive from us:

  • Research results : once again we will check that your card idea doesn't already exist or is copyrighted.
  • An overview about smart cards and readers, which are most suitable for your application.
  • Possible implementation problems and solutions.
  • Thoughts for the future, possible extensions like biometric identification. 
  • The approximate price for the development

Further we can assist you ( extra fees may apply)

  • Create demo software and NDA contract, so you can show your idea to potential buyers up front.
  • Prepare all the papers for copyright / patent  ( we have a lawyer on board)
  • Prepare applications for financial support
  • All translations for multi lingual user interface if required
  • Online presentation ( web side inclusive SEO)  to promote your product.
  • Customized GUI (Graphical User Interface) for your card software (Color, Logo, etc)

What you will receive

  • A solid and highly secure card application
  • All copyright will be handed over
  • User manual in English
  • 6 month warranty
  • Support at the same price level as development

Payment terms :
50% down payment, 40 % when software is finished and handed over, 10 % after 30 days delivery date.


 If you are interested in Smart Card Software Development send us email to arrange a meeting via Skype.