SCCS eHealthONE Card represents breakthrough in electronic health cards.

It is the first true global smart card system meant to support patients, doctors, medical institutions, insurance companies and Government records.

Being an amazingly innovative and truly universal solution it presents incredible opportunity for company’s worldwide. We envisioned having authorized distributors in each country around the world. In very large countries like USA or India we see the need to have distributors designated to serve each state or province separately so the possibilities of those geographical locations really does multiply to new magnitudes.

Company that signs up for distribution will have the opportunity and task to:

  • Promote SCCS eHealthONE Card system
  • Sell smart cards
  • Sell and maintain medical professionals smart cards
  • Sell smart card readers and terminals
  • Personalize and print cards as customers demand
  • Sell, lease or rent out system kiosks
  • Make up its own pricing and sign up Contracts with large customers
  • Promote and sell solution with local insurance companies
  • Opportunity to run their own server for insurance and sign up purposes
  • Opportunity to up-sell extra systems and functionalities as they become available
  • Earn commissions on leads created for unsigned countries

Company that becomes eHealthONE Card distributor will get designated territory to handle and be supported by:

  • System software
  • Distributor level pricing
  • Supply of System smart cards
  • Supply of System SAM cards
  • Supply of all smart card readers that are used in the system
  • Supply of System kiosks
  • Company WEB site with distributor’s listing world wide
  • All leads coming from designated country
  • Advertising campaigns, brochures, Power Point presentations, demos
  • Training and/or training materials, manuals, and videos

Company that would like to apply for distributor status shall satisfy several criteria:

  • Be established for at least 2 years
  • Company must be a Corporation type
  • Have a physical location 
  • Be computer (IT) oriented or distributor oriented or medical distributor oriented company
  • Be present and active on Internet with own WEB site