Smart medical insurance billing system

InsuranceX is new medical services billing system created to cater to any size insurance company. System is based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model and provides many advantages to the doctors and insurance companies that pay them.

  • Patient cards are optional
  • Doctors, pharmacists, therapists and other medical professionals have a special access smart card to access the system
  • Other than $800 initial setup fee there are no other upfront costs for the insurance
  • No software costs to doctor
  • No software costs to insurance
  • Unlimited number of doctors
  • Unlimited number of insurance agents processing a bills
  • Applicable to any medical professional billing insurance company
  • Cashless reimbursements to doctors available
  • Multiple authorization levels for billing adjudicators
  • Smart processing bills below xx.xx dollars
  • Very low per transaction fees - introductory pricing in effect!
  • Pay as per usage only
  • Any country, any currency, any size of insurance company
  • InsuranceX server is located in Germany in secure location accessible from anywhere in the world
  • System is ideal for Africa

This is the ultimate Insurance Card plus Insurance management software!

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