Protect and control your precious metals bars

This product is aimed at precious metals manufacturers and refineries. At today's cost 100 gram 99.99 fine gold bar costs about 4400 USD, thus kilo bar is about 44000 dollars. There are no many objects competing with concentrated value of gold, platinum, palladium and silver.

If anybody else but manufacturers understand the value of their products and use various methods to protect the bars. There is always original refinery stamp and marks. There is also a serial number that is registered with manufacturer. All bars smaller than 1000 grams may come in special see through packaging. There is a assay kind of declaration proving that this certainly is a pure gold bar. Is it enough? Not by long shot!


Picture above depicts gold bar that would otherwise pass every surface chemical test with flying colors. External shell is made of 99.99 pure gold, however inside it cobalt bar that probably weights 90% of overall weight. "Manufacturer" of this piece is in China. Serial number and assay box and packaging have done a little to impede making this fake gold bar. It's all there. They actually count on new owner to never open such a nice retail packaging.

Only ultrasound or  drill test would reveal an ugly truth. It is estimated that 50% of gold bars sold on Amazon and eBay are all fake Chinese bars! 



We have solution!

Our solution is SmartGoldID tag. Could be contact or more practical contactless RFID/NFC kind of tag. Secure memory could contain any number of relevant information about said bar. So far there are no standards and agreements between gold bar manufacturers so SmartGoldID tag is highly customizable.



Tag is read by special reader and will instantly reveal all data on the screen. It will verify current ownership of the bar, production dates and possible history of registered owners. Not only that but will also allow authorized dealer to enter new owner and protect the bar by personalizing it electronically.

Electronic RFID tag embedded in gold bar

No errors allowed!

SmartGoldID would stop fake bars once for all!

Technology of placing this tag into gold bar is quite simple for manufacturer to complete. Indent is made in bar using simple die tool. SmartGoldID tag is placed inside indent with super glue applied in the back.

Indent makes sure that tag is sunk into the surface and flush with it. Bars can be stack onto each other with no danger to damage the tag. Tag can be removed by brute force only and will surely be destroyed in process. If dealer gets bar like that in his hands he will know immediately that bar was tampered with and likely fake or stolen!

SmartGoldID tag is Made in Germany.

One should not mistake SmartGoldID tag with common RFID tags that cost 1 dollar. Regular NFC tags are simple memory tags that may have simple PIN or code protection but nowhere near smart microprocessor capabilities. Our tag is true microprocessor tag that can't be duplicated or counterfeit.

Using supplied software refinery could embed same kind of tag into all bars and personalize them properly in matter of seconds. Data about that particula bar can never be altered. Only dealer writable fields of data could be written in.

SmartGoldID would enable other practical features:

  • Easy registering of the bar with manufacturer
  • Easy cataloguing, counts and inventory
  • No need for assays and special packaging
  • Will create more security and perceived value to end users