Ticketing system for everyone
Smart Card Ticketing System


Ferry smart ticketing for everyone

This application is similar to FareONE but addresses few specifics that do not exist in bus ticketing. AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) concept of AFC is quite simple.
Best part of FerryONE is: WE MADE IT SIMPLE! Every, even smallest boat operator can benefit from cashless smart ticketing system like this one. 


Ferry waiting for passengers and cars to load

How it works?

FerryONE is very simple to operate!


Buys a smart card ticket at ticketing office or wherever ferry company sells the tickets. Same card can be re-charged thousands of times by adding more value to the ticket. Cards FerryONE uses are secure, contactless smart cards.

Since smart card systems support portable SC (Smart Card) devices and off-line transactions it is possible to successfully charge smart ticket at any time, anywhere. No connections to Internet is required to charge smart tickets.

Passenger taps a smart ticket to the terminal (contact-less cards). Terminal processes the card, verifies it, charges a predetermined amount or checks against expiry date, beeps to confirm the fare and that's it. It takes less than second for all that. Fare is logged into internal log and process can be repeated again.


Uses ruggedized, handheld portable computer or tablet computer to handle passenger's smart tickets. In the beginning of working shift driver takes first available terminal waiting in charger. Before starting using a terminal driver logs into the terminal using his personal SAM control card or types in login info. From that moment terminal is set for that specific person, time and date, route, direction, default price to be charged to the passenger's smart tickets and price tables ready to be used.

That person stands at the entrance to ferry holding his portable device and passengers simply line up and tap their cards. Other way is when ferry is on it's way sailor goes around it and charges people's cards. Either way process is easy and fast.

Terminal sailor uses is Windows 10 based tablet PC equipped with smart card reader.


Owner of the system is effectively operating system from single PC. Operator can have multiple remote sales offices where smart tickets shall be sold to passengers, re-charged with more money (rides), set to have expiry date or simply created from blank, pre-printed smart cards. Same smart tickets pre-loaded with certain value could be distributed in variety stores or any kind of independent sales storefronts, even by person standing on the street corner or ferry port.

Operator running FerryONE Back-office edition is able to control issuance of driver's SAM cards, outflow of cards, incoming performance data, remote offices, re-sellers and much more. Easy to use Windows based software does administrative tasks easily eliminating errors, saving time and money in everyday operations. Handling cash is taken away from everybody and trusted to very few people where transactions are controlled by the software.

There are many ways operator can organize sales and make money with smart ticketing system. Initial system investment recovery is quick and savings created are long term. Almost every operator having people on deck or anywhere else handling cash is losing money in process!

Some prospects inquiring about FerryONE system measured daily loss at 60%-70% level! Don't that let happen to you and your ferry operations! Nobody can sustain that kind of losses and stay in business. Only way to prevent it is go full cashless. FerryONE is true smart cashless solution!

Beautiful ferry underway carrying passengers and cars


More features

There are numerous advantages to the ferry owner:

  • Every business owner's dream is customer that keep coming back and buy more products or services forever! FerryONE cardholders shall always coming back for more rides
  • Children could be given pre-loaded smart tickets cards instead of cash
  • Mentally it is always easier to pay by card instead of cash
  • Paying transactions are much faster
  • Quick charge buttons can be customized for specific amounts and situations like student, minor, car and passenger, motorcycle and passenger, truck ...
  • Since there is no cash at premises business establishment will never be a targeted by thieves = every variety store's or gas station's dream!
  • Very safe for stores opened during night or in dangerous areas 
  • Sales people will not be handling cash, no internal theft
  • Completely portable - sales can be done anywhere, on the beach, on the street, while traveling on ferry, train, at sea, literally any time, anywhere
  • No Internet or network required
  • Ferry company owns equipment
  • No equipment rentals to be paid to the bank or payment providers
  • No credit card companies stringent sign up requirements, EVERY business is eligible!
  • More importantly: EVERY customer is eligible!
  • No deductions from payments as they exist for credit card processing. Save at least 3% - 3.5% on Visa, Master, Amex charges  
  • And very important - ferry company gets money in advance! Much earlier than services are rendered 
Ferry ready in port. Person at entrance charges for ride

Safety first!

Record your passengers

In many places port authority demands ferry operators to maintain correct passenger's listings. Port Authority or Ministry of Transportation wants to know who was on the ship in case of accidents. It is burden and time consuming task for ferry operators. Fines for not fulfilling those requirements are hefty. Safety at sea is everybody's concern.

FerryONE solves that problem in very elegant way. Every smart ticket sold is personalized by name of the card holder. Every time when smart ticket is used system records passenger's full name. This is done seamlessly in background.

When boarding is done sailor in charge can send automatic e-mail to the PC in ferry operator's central office or to Port Authority. E-mail will contain list with all passengers.


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FerryONE smart payment card application aimed at ferry operators


FerryONE software
Software works on any Windows PC with version 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It is a small file and it comes on memory stick or as an download. Every copy has customized security keys and encryption. 
Cards to be ordered in future shall have matching security keys. 
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Secure contactless smart ticket for your ferry operation


Smart ticket

FerryONE smart ticket is contactless smart card encoded for specific operator. Minimum order is 100 cards.
Smart ticket comes with default artwork or with advertising message from ferry operator. Don't fail to customize your smart tickets!

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FerryONE portable payment terminal shown with optional desktop cradle


Tablet PC ready to go

Tablet PC with high resolution touch screen, Windows 10 and FerryONE software pre-loaded + 5421 smart card reader. Ready to go.
That is all ferry operator needs to successfully charge passenger's smart tickets.