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Smart Chip Card Solutions Ltd is located at:

2317 Wuthering Heights Way
Oakville, Ontario

T: 905-469-0855

T: 941-870-9556
F: 905-469-6829

Skype ID: Almexsales

Business hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time


Unlike many on-line stores that exist in cyberspace only you can visit SCCS during regular business hours. Meet the people and discuss your needs in our comfortable brick and mortar location. There is no waiting for anything here. Knowledgeable sales representative will immediately attend to you, listen and offer hardware or software solutions for your ideas. Most likely you will leave with parts you needed or knowledge that somebody can transform your idea into reality. We are confident that if you are looking for software solution SCCS will meet and exceed them