Smart Health Card / Medical Smart Card


Smart Health Card / Medical Smart Card

SCCS smart health card solution represents pinnacle of engineering, marketing, programming and usability effort. 
No other medical smart card in use today has the same functionalities and versatility found in eHealthONE.
It is not just a health card but a whole system suite built on foundations to be secure, portable and a universal carrier of personal medical records.
Loaded with features not found anywhere else HealthONE creates new standards in smart health card systems. Anybody thinking about upgrading their paper based
or PC based health system to smart health cards system should not waste this opportunity to check HealthONE solution.

Why Smart Health Card ?

Starter kit for medical professionals, accept eHealthONE on any PC
Single question, many answers

Quite a few companies, doctors and individuals approached us so far and inquired about smart card capabilities when used as an health card. The matter of fact is that smart cards are perfect media to be used as a health cards. 


•  Smart cards are small, they fit everybody's pocket
•  Smart cards are very secure, can't be read, copied, manipulated, counterfeited or duplicated
•  Smart card protect privacy where needed
•  Smart cards are re-writable
•  Smart card can contain digital log with location, date, time, person's stamp to record every transaction
•  Smart card can contain digital prescriptions, no mistakes with handwriting, quantity or quality of medications
•  Smart health card could be used anywhere, on the street by medical emergency crew to quickly learn about allergies and treatments, even if injured person is un-capable to interact with anybody
•  Smart card can be set that certain profile of medical personnel can see only certain portion of card data
•  Insurance, administrative and personal ID data are available
•  Long sign ups at doctor's offices can be avoided, just insert card into the smart card reader
•  Only after doctor presents his own medical professional smart card, his card and patient's card verify each other. After cross-verification transactions can take place
•  Small and inexpensive balance reader can read emergency data any time, anywhere
•  Smart card could be used in hospital, county, town, state or better, whole country
•  Smart health cards speed up medical administration, put it in right format (HIPAA), process claims faster and more precisely
•  Smart cards save hundreds of millions in administration, insurance, public funding, government money
•  Smart health card is actively fighting medical fraud and critical errors saving money and lives 
•  Smart health hard hardware is reasonably priced. Any PC can be set to read or read/write smart cards, there are portable readers, USB desktop readers, PIN pad readers, dual card readers...none break you budget

Plans are that in near future everybody will have smart health card in the pocket. Benefits to the individuals, insurance providers, health givers providers and Government are vast. 
A smart health card saves lives and actively participates in providing better health care.

The concept of medical smart card

Whole magic is in smart chip! Medical, ID and insurance information is securely stored in chip protected with multiple layers of security
It's an natural choice ...

Smart chip is most practical and secure place for personal medical records, period!

Why we don't already have Health Smart Cards in our pockets? It is not because of the technical reasons or cost of the system at all. It is more about politics, people resisting Smart Health cards failing to understand benefits such technology brings to the table. Smart cards would save countless lives if implemented.

Healthcare is is one of the most if not the most expensive human activity. World Health Organization predicts that almost all universal healthcare schemes in the world will collapse and disappear by 2022. It is becoming too expensive. Free healthcare coverage is shrinking every day and participation charges that weren't there at all are bigger and bigger. No country in the world will be able to sustain costs. Our cards would save Millions in process. Cards make registration at doctor's office a breeze. Instead of waiting in line to sign in it is enough to present a card and get it done in seconds.

Seeing new doctor? In USA and Canada it's a clipboard thing. Patient get it and it is usually few pages long. For person in distress entering sensitive personal and medical information is something that should be avoided. Card carries all that information and much more, available at any time.

Consider this: Germany has population of about 80 million people. Until smart cards were implemented every year about 50-60 thousand people were dying because of medical errors, mostly wrong prescriptions. Sounds like awfully a lot of dead people for no reason and it really is! There were only about 5 to 6 thousands of deaths caused by traffic accidents in the same time, whole Germany. Now consider USA, population is 4 times bigger, smart health cards nowhere to be seen, you draw your own conclusions...

We would like to start somewhere and offer HealthONE card. It has many benefits and many more capabilities to come as infrastructure adapts to it.

The cards may be attractively printed in color. They can also be custom printed using your artwork advertising your business and carrying your message. At the same time cards, by design, smart cards are protected against tampering, they can't be copied or counterfeited in any way.

Did you know that whole Western Europe has a smart health card (Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia...), Taiwan, Puerto Rico...more.

While initially a medical smart card carried administrative data only and helped speed up and secure administrative processes now they are being enhanced by medical records and other useful information.

Proof of Medical Smart Card Concept

Doctors love eHealthONE containing a lot of medical information ready to go at any time, anywhere
HealthONE medical smart card securely stores various collections of data:

 - Card administrative data
 - Card holder's personal information
 - Insurance coverage information
 - Emergency information
 - Medical records
 - Medications, prescriptions

HealthONE smart card provides necessary details to all participants, it fights fraud, it fights medical errors causing serious injuries or deaths, it reduces time to process patient at every stage, it provides emergency information to EMS crew, it stores insurance coverage information, it complies with privacy requirements (HIPAA, PIPEDA and others), it saves countless hours with doctor. HealthONE card goes where you are going and provides portable medical records on demand, so records are there when you need them, not with your family doctor only. Card also provides green solutions since it saves trees, millions of papers, safe storage, toners, copiers, people involved handling all that.

HealthONE is easy to use, just insert in smart card reader and in an instant (using HealthONE software) records shall be available for processing. Software is pretty straight forward, intuitive, with familiar tabs and buttons makes using smart card a pleasant experience. No special training is required. 

Security and integrity of the system is ensured by using advanced encryption techniques and system organization. We use German smart cards and US made readers only getting the latest from both fields. On smart card readers we offer 2 year Warranty! 

SCCS Ltd. will be glad to offer solutions for your smart health cards. Since everybody has a bit different idea what card like that should contain and do we are open to suggestions and can customize final product to your particular needs. Start today! Define your own idea of the Smart Health Card.

What is Inside?

Student fair in Kampala. Pretty girls are holding student's health chip cards
Chip is capable of holding important data


First page reveals:
* personal info
* employer data
* Insurance details
* medical information where one section is emergency info and 2 sections are password protected

Second page reveals:
* Hospital info
* smart card data (can't be re-written)
* home address
* work address

This is illustration only. Our solution has much more useful content that could not fit this WEB page. Besides that we can customize the system to great degree so cards and content fits specific needs. 

 See WEB site dedicated to eHealthONE HERE

Smart Health Card  -  Medical Smart Card


Smart cards production

Did you ever see how smart cards are produced? Watch smart card manufacturing here: